Introduction to Websites

There are 4 parts to a website we’ll discuss:

  1. Domain Name
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Email
  4. Getting people to visit
  1. Domain Name

A domain name is like a phone number, but can contain letters. It helps us humans remember where to go for certain things. If you want to buy something, where do you go? Right!! OK, so is the domain name. You have to buy that name. You own the domain name for as long as you pay annually for it. But if you only buy the domain name, when someone types in the name into their browser all they see is:

2. Web Hosting

Many hosting providers sell you a hosting account, and then limit you on how many domains you can host.

These guys are crazy, because instead of selling you hosting on a monthly basis, like everyone else, they are selling hosting for a one time fee! You get rock solid hosting forever for this one time, insanely low price! And you can host multiple domain names on this hosting package! So instead of paying $4/month for each domain name to be hosted, you pay one time, and you can host 10, 20, even 100 domain names forever for the rest of your career!

Starting to see the insanity?

Check it out NOW!

Then you can get into domain buying like I do! It’s fun (and profitable!), I even call my friends, and say hey, I just saw this domain name and thought of you. Do you have any interest? And I introduce them into the fun! (I still host their site for free on my hosting account!)

3. E-mail (coming soon!)

4. Getting people to visit (coming soon!)